Intervention Management

Receiving a call from the FMCSA informing you that are being subjected to an Intervention or compliance review should be taken seriously. FMS can guide a motor carrier in preparation for the audit and act as a liaison to the FMCSA on behalf of the motor carrier.

FMCSA interventions and audits are time consuming and intense.   Having a knowledgeable liaison between the carrier and the FMCSA auditor is beneficial to both the carrier and the FMCSA auditor.  The carrier can be assured that only the information that is needed for the audit or intervention is presented.  The agent appreciates the experience of the intervention manager to provide needed information in an efficient and organized manner.

The intervention manager will be with the FMCSA agent during the intervention providing oversight of the FMCSA intervention or DOT audit on behalf of the carrier.  All files presented to the DOT agent will be reviewed first by the intervention manager to insure that only information that is relevant to intervention is presented to the FMCSA. 

Confidentiality is important to Fleet Management Strategies.  FMS does not share your information or the results of the audit with outside sources or vendor.   Clients must have a signed confidentiality agreement on file before the audit begins.


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