It is not matter of IF your company will be subject to a DOT FMCSA compliance audit; it is a matter of WHEN.

Mock audits allow a company to be proactive by finding and correcting problem areas before the DOT does. FMS’s Mock Audit Service will study your current Safety and Compliance Program to identify processes that could lead to FMCSA sanctions and fines. Our audits examine:

  • Policy Review

  • Driver Qualification Files

  • Hours of Service

  • Accidents

  • Insurance Filings


  • Maintenance Files

After FMS has finished the audit, a complete report of findings will be prepared and reviewed with the client. If deficiencies are found in the client’s program, FMS will recommend solutions to bring the company back into compliance and keep it there. If the DOT has already paid a visit and issued a "Less than Satisfactory" rating, FMS can prepare a Safety Management Plan (SMP) for submission to the DOT. The SMP will outline and document the solutions put in place to ensure compliance with the regulations.

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“While we thought we were on track with our safety and compliance, when CSA came about and we looked at are overall rating based on the new SMS scores we were surprised. FMS has been working with us over the past year getting our policies in order and educating our drivers, working with our company executives in making tough decisions about our operations. FMS monitors and reports our critical Basic’s and evaluates our risk. Taking the guessing game out of the equation. We are glad we made the call that day. BH”



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